Belgian Blond
2015_WABA_simplified_bronze_placeBelgian abbey yeast combines with imported malts and aromatic hops resulting in a flowery, earthy spiciness. Share Wanderale with others. Discover your wander.

  • House Belgian Yeast
  • 6.0% ABV
  • 22 IBU
  • 5 SRM


Over 50 lbs. of hops go into each batch of this golden orange colored rye IPA creating a big citrusy treat. The addition of rye adds complexity to the flavor including a crisp spiciness on the palate. Hops include Washington grown Citra, Centennial, Summit and a healthy late kettle addition and dry hop of whole cone Ahtanum.

  • House Ale Yeast
  • 6.8% ABV
  • 100 IBU
  • 9 SRM


Baltic Porter
Coffee sourced direct from the farmer in Brazil, fair trade cocoa nibs from the Democratic Republic of Congo, chocolate from Theo’s in Seattle, water from Bellingham, hops from Yakima, and specialty malt from Europe dance together in this BIG Baltic porter…a true Global Mutt.

  • House Lager Yeast
  • 7.0% ABV
  • 34 IBU
  • 40 SRM

Bronze Medal, 2016 Australian International Beer Awards
Bronze Medal, 2016 Best of Craft Beer Awards
Silver Medal, 2015 Brussels Beer Challenge
3rd Place, People’s Choice, 2014 April Brews Day 


California Common
SilverMedalA truly American style, more commonly known as steam beer. Our California Common is created using our Bavarian Lager yeast strain fermented at ale like temperatures. A nice dose of Belgian Abbey malt lends a tasty biscuit flavor to this delicious amber colored brew.

House Lager Yeast

  • 5.5% ABV
  • 39 IBU
  • 10 SRM


Belgian Dubbel
55 lbs. of imported dark Belgian candy sugar mingles with specialty malts from Belgian and German maltsters in each batch of this dark and delicious brew.

  • House Belgian Yeast
  • 7.2% ABV
  • 24 IBU
  • 19 SRM

Gold Medal, 2016 Washington Beer Awards
Silver Medal, 2016 Best of Craft Beer Awards
Silver Medal, 2015 North American Beer Awards


Foreign Extra Stout
SilverMedalHigher gravity than a standard stout but not of imperial strength, our foreign extra stout is built on rich and roasty British malts and balanced out with a healthy addition of hops.

  • House Ale Yeast
  • 6.4% ABV
  • 40 IBU
  • 35 SRM

Silver Medal, 2016 Washington Beer Awards


We source malt from two separate German maltsters in addition to 100% German grown Merkur and Hersbrucker hops to brew our authentic German style Pilsner.House Lager Yeast

  • 5.1% ABV
  • 35 IBU
  • 3 SRM


Yours or Ours
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2016 World Beer Cup, Wild Warehouse

Gold Medal
2016 Washington Beer Awards, Wild Warehouse

Gold Medal
2016 North American Beer Awards, Wild Warehouse

Gold Medal
2015 Great American Beer Festival, Wild Warehouse

Bronze Medal
2016 Australian International Beer Awards, Sauraha

Silver Medal
2016 Washington Beer Awards, Cranberry Fruit Puncheon

Silver Medal
2015 Brussels Beer Challenge, Boysenberry Fruit Puncheon

1st Place
2015 “Sip Northwest, Best of the Northwest”, Raspberry Millie Sour

1st Place People’s Choice
2015 April Brews Day, Barrel-Aged Imperial Global Mutt

1st Place People’s Choice
2014 Bellingham Oktoberfest, PumpFest Pumpkin Ale

1st Place People’s Choice
2014 Yes We Can! Festival, Warehouse Farmhouse Saison

Best Newcomer
2014 “Sip Northwest, Best of the Northwest”