2018 Washington Large Brewery of the Year

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Fermentation is a great passion of ours.

We moved into our warehouse brewery space in Bellingham, Washington in October of 2013 to express this passion through craft beer. We are a small, family-run team, completely focused on quality, our environment, and connecting with the local community. We celebrate and produce traditional styles, while simultaneously blurring guidelines by exploring mixed fermentations, blending, and barrel aging through our evolving Wander Barrel Project.

We were born and raised in the Midwest, met at the University of Iowa many years ago, and have spent a large portion of our shared life traveling and exploring the world. Chad, an industrial engineer by degree, attended the American Brewer’s Guild in 2011 before working at Hilliard’s Beer in Seattle, Washington. Colleen spent many years working for global health nonprofit organizations before focusing solely on the business side of Wander Brewing. Wandering has allowed us to explore the unexpected in life. The culture of our brewery is guided by the people and landscapes encountered during these experiences. Wandering teaches us that not all creatures follow the same path, uniqueness is good, and some of the richest life lessons come from the most unexpected places.

The paper airplane in our logo embodies the spirit of our lives and our beers. Each paper airplane’s design, journey, and end point is unique, and that is a wonderful thing. This philosophy is entwined in our culture and the beers that we produce.

We hope that you enjoy our beer as much as we passionately enjoy creating it for you.


Colleen & Chad Kuehl

What’s on Tap?

Tap list picture updated on 2/23/20. Our tap lineup can change from day to day but it is updated here at least once a week. We also always have a nitro tap, cider, and non alcoholic options available. Cans, bottles, crowlers, and growlers are available to go. If you think this image is pretty great, you should see it in person.  Come down to the brew hall for a pint or two.


Built in a historic building in downtown Bellingham, our all-ages Brew Hall has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.  Plant your bike on our large outdoor bike rack, grab a pint, and have a great time.  Free parking on the south (limited) and east sides of the building.


1807 Dean Ave
Bellingham, Washington 98225


Monday – Wednesday /// 3pm-9pm
Thursday /// 3pm-10pm
Friday – Saturday /// Noon – 10pm
Sunday /// Noon – 9pm


Rotating/Ralf’s Pretzels

Mix Masala

New Public

Ovn Wood Fired Pizza

StrEAT Food

New Public

Danielle’s Back East BBQ

  • 2019 – Earlybird Bourbon Barrel-Aged Breakfast Stout

  • 2018 – Correspondent Foreign Export Stout

  • 2018 – Champagne Toast Berliner Weisse

  • 2018 – Wanderale Belgian Blond

  • 2017 – Wild Warehouse Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale

  • 2017 – Correspondent Foreign Export Stout

  • 2016 Wild Warehouse Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale

  • 2016 – Together Belgian Dubbel

  • 2018 – Wild Warehouse Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale

  • 2016 – Cranberry Fruit Puncheon

  • 2016 – Correspondent Foreign Extra Stout

  • 2014 – Correspondent Foreign Extra Stout

  • 2014 – Uncommon California Common

  • 2019 – Champagne Toast Berliner Weisse

  • 2019 – Wanderale Belgian Blond

  • 2018 – Doglost German Pilsner

  • 2018 – Plum Bob Sour

  • 2015 – Wanderale Belgian Blond

  • 2019 – Oud Bruin

  • 2019 – Champagne Toast Berliner Weisse

  • 2018 – Doglost German Pilsner

  • 2016 – Wild Warehouse Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale

  • 2019 – Correspondent Foreign Extra Stout

  • 2018 – Correspondent Foreign Extra Stout

  • 2017 – Global Mutt Baltic Porter

  • 2015 – Together Belgian Dubbel

  • 2017 – Together Belgian Dubbel

  • 2019 – Correspondent Foreign Export Stout

  • 2017 – Correspondent Foreign Export Stout
  • 2015 – Wild Warehouse Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale
  • 2016 – Wild Warehouse Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale


Our award-winning Wander Barrel Project beers are individual expressions of our brewer’s ingenuity as they blend yeast, bacteria, and a variety of barrels within the confines of our brewery warehouse. Nearly 100 wooden barrels fill our space, ranging in size from small 8-gallon rye whiskey barrels to our 620-gallon American oak foeder. The previous lives of our barrels help to guide their new life as part of our barrel project producing beers ranging in style from our Great American Beer Festival® Gold medal-winning chardonnay barrel-aged Wild Warehouse, to our Brussels Beer Challenge silver medal-winning Fruit Puncheon, to our bourbon barrel-aged Emissary Imperial Stout. Wander Barrel Project release schedules vary from year to year and are not dictated by the calendar but instead by the contents of the barrels. We allow the beer to tell us when it is ready.