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Wander Litely American Lager

4.2% ABV // 10 IBU // 2 SRM

A carefully brewed American lager. With a stripped-down malt bill of pilsner malt and flaked barley, Wander Litely is light and dry with a slight graininess balanced by a whisper of floral and earthy hops.

Bronze – 2024 World Beer Cup

Gold – 2022 World Beer Cup

Gold – 2020 Great American Beer Festival

16oz Willi Becher // 12oz 6pk, Crowlers & Growlers to-go

Bham City Blonde Ale

4.8% ABV // 4 SRM

An all-day blonde ale that oozes subdued excitement. Light, dry and crushable with a light honey note and delicate fruity esters. Balanced by a whisp of spicy hops, this beer is as Bellingham as it gets.

16oz Willi Becher // 12oz 6pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Correspondent Export Stout

6.4% ABV // 40 IBU // 35 SRM

European specialty malts. American hops. House ale yeast. Crimson edged black. Smooth mouth feel. Roasted grain, sweet molasses, baker’s chocolate, subtle char.

Silver – 2022 World Beer Cup

Gold – 2019 Great American Beer Festival

Gold – 2017 Great American Beer Festival

16oz Willi Becher // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Strawberry Rhubarb Millie Sour

4.4% ABV // 5 IBU // 5 SRM

The latest offering of our rotating fruit sour ale. Kettle soured with lactobacillus before undergoing fermentation with fruit using our house ale strain. Colorful, crisp, dry, tart, fruit.

16oz Willi Becher // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Shoe Toss IPA

6.8% ABV // 80 IBU // 9 SRM

Shoe Toss is a classic Pacific Northwest style India Pale Ale. It has the bite that made you fall in love with craft beer; but finishes with a crisp smack that demands you take a second sip. American malt. Pacific Northwest hops. House ale yeast. Glowing orange in color. Dry and crisp. Floral, citrus, grapefruit, spicy.

16oz IPA Glass // 12oz 6pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Right Here Right Now Hazy IPA

6.2% ABV // 15 IBU // 6 SRM

RHRN is a super aromatic, easy drinking hazy IPA finished on orange zest. Uncover the deepest depth of bright citrus and juicy pineapple in your expedition to the bottom of the glass. Wander around, enjoy the journey and live in the now!

16oz IPA Glass // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Doglost Pilsner

5.1% ABV // 35 IBU // 3 SRM

Bavarian-style lager lovingly brewed with German pilsner malt and the finest noble hops. Extensive conditioning time creates the easiest drinking experience imaginable.

16oz Willi Becher // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Metric 10 IPA

Collaboration with Steel & Oak

7.5% ABV // 3 SRM

A truly special hazy IPA collaboration to commemorate a rare joint ten-year anniversary. Steel & Oak Brewing Co. (New Westminster, BC) joined us in simultaneous celebration of the last decade to concoct a beer worthy enough for the moniker: METRIC 10. METRIC 10 is big– kilo sized, even. METRIC 10 features a ridiculous amount (in sets of ten) of hops. Our best lots of Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra and El Dorado combined with piles of malted oats and malted wheat to create a hop bomb that’s all flavor and no bite. Tastes like a mango margarita with a sticky resin rim 🤤. Grab a 4-pack (shoulda done a ten pack?) today!

16oz IPA Glass // 16oz 4pk, Growlers and Crowlers to-go

Range Life IPA

6.5% ABV // 45 IBU // 5 SRM

A modern West-Coast IPA featuring a tropical cocktail of the juiciest Yakima Valley hops. Barley and spelt malt round out the grist for this uniquely PNW brew– juicy with just enough snapping bitterness to lure you into the vastness of an exotic, but welcoming Range.

16oz IPA Glass // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Uncommon Common Amber Lager

5.5% ABV // 39 IBU // 10 SRM

Uncommon is a classic amber style lager first developed in San Francisco in the 1960’s and is considered one of America’s first original craft beer styles. This lager brewed at ale temperature makes for a rich marriage of the two almighty hemispheres of beer in one glass. Slightly bitter, slightly malty, entirely easy drinking. Serve this to your “non craft beer” drinking father in-law and make him look you in the eye and say he doesn’t want a pint.

16oz Willi Becher // 16oz 4pks, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Googly Eyes Hazy DIPA

8.0% ABV // 4 SRM

Once in a while we allow our typically laser focused brewer eyes to get a little Googly and pull out all the stops on a big, hazy DIPA. Googly is double dry-hopped with hordes of Citra and the result is a rich, overripe citrus profile that is equal parts sweet, juicy, and dank. An intense but balanced drinking experience with low bitterness and very slight alcohol warmth to keep your eyes wide-open and extra googly.

12oz Goblet // 16oz 4pk to-go

Wild Warehouse Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale

6.8% ABV // 10 IBU // 9 SRM

Farmhouse style saison aged seventeen months in ex-Chardonnay barrels. Hued glowing golden-orange with notes of nectarine, cedar and light phenolic spiciness mellowed by a significant wood tannin profile. Dry, complex, and worth the wait.

12oz Goblet // 500mL Bottles to-go

Global Mutt Baltic Porter

7% ABV // 34 IBU // 40 SRM

European dark specialty malts. American hops. House lager yeast. Ethiopian and Honduran coffee beans from our friends at Camber Coffee. Ecuadorian cacao nibs. Local chocolate. Deep dark opaque brown in color. Rich and full mouth feel. Chocolate, coffee, smooth, robust.

16oz Willi Becher // Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Rotating Local Cider

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16oz Willi Becher

Rotating Local Wine

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