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See You Tomorrow Mexican Lager

On Tap at All Jalapeños Family Restaurant & Lounge Locations

4.4% ABV // 3 SRM

A draft only Lager release to quench your thirst during your thirstiest times. Pilsner and Munich malted barley with flaked maize and a sprinkling of spicy citrus Willamette hops. Perhaps our crispiest beer ever, this Mexican Lager pairs handsomely with just about anything that is urged on by sunshine. (Lime encouraged.)

16oz Willi Becher // Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Wander Litely American Lager

4.2% ABV // 10 IBU // 2 SRM

A carefully brewed American lager. With a stripped-down malt bill of pilsner malt and flaked barley, Wander Litely is light and dry with a slight graininess balanced by a whisper of floral and earthy hops.

Gold – 2022 World Beer Cup

Gold – 2020 Great American Beer Festival

16oz Willi Becher // 12oz 6pk to-go

Together Belgian Dubbel

7.4% ABV // 24 IBU // 19 SRM

European specialty malts and dark Belgian candi sugar. Noble hops. House Belgian yeast. Dark copper color. Malty sweet on the palate. Dried fruit, plum, rum-raisin, caramel.

16oz Willi Becher // Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Vibe Quest Citra & Centennial Fresh Hop IPA

Collaboration with Otherlands Beer

7.0% ABV // 3 SRM

Our Quest for perfect fresh-hop Vibe continues, this time with our dear friend and Sunnyland neighbor Ben at Otherlands Beer along for the ride. Vibe Quest is a west coast IPA with 350 pounds of the freshest possible Citra and Centennial picked right at the kick-off at Roy Farms’ harvest season in the Yakima Valley. The Roy family have been growing hops in Yakima for over 100 years and their expertise is reflected in the hops’ complexity. Firmly bitter with massive grapefruit, pine and sticky resin exploding aggressively enough to be considered obnoxious. Enjoy it what you can.

16oz IPA Glass // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Correspondent Export Stout

6.4% ABV // 40 IBU // 35 SRM

European specialty malts. American hops. House ale yeast. Crimson edged black. Smooth mouth feel. Roasted grain, sweet molasses, baker’s chocolate, subtle char.

Silver – 2022 World Beer Cup

Gold – 2019 Great American Beer Festival

Gold – 2017 Great American Beer Festival

16oz Willi Becher // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Berry Bob: Mixed Berry Plum Bob Variant

7.4% ABV // N/A IBU

2023 Plum Bob Oak-Aged American Sour Ale with plums, infused with Raspberries, Loganberries and Black Currants

12oz Goblet // 500mL Bottles to-go

Today’s Grapefruit Radler

4% ABV // 3 SRM

Sun season is Radler season, and we’re spreading the good word! We blended an extra crispy light beer with the finest ruby red grapefruit juice to bring you a beer garden classic at an ultra-manageable 4.0% ABV. It tastes exactly like summertime and must be thirstily crushed in order to enjoy properly. Help us spread the word– grab a couple four packs to toss around with your pals like you’ve had it before, and you’ll be having it again.

16oz Willi Becher // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Right Here Right Now Hazy IPA

6.2% ABV // 15 IBU // 6 SRM

RHRN is a super aromatic, easy drinking hazy IPA finished on orange zest. Uncover the deepest depth of bright citrus and juicy pineapple in your expedition to the bottom of the glass. Wander around, enjoy the journey and live in the now!

16oz IPA Glass // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go


5.8% ABV // 35 IBU // 4 SRM

Our yearly homage to the stronger lager beers brewed for Munich’s yearly Oktoberfest celebration. A rich blend of German malts steal the show while fruitily noble hops keep the party in check. Light amber, expertly balanced, deceptively drinkable. Jetzt alles zusammen– Eins, zwei, drei, g’suffe!    

16oz Oberglas // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Bham City Blonde Ale

4.8% ABV // 4 SRM

An all-day blonde ale that oozes subdued excitement. Light, dry and crushable with a light honey note and delicate fruity esters. Balanced by a whisp of spicy hops, this beer is as Bellingham as it gets.

16oz Willi Becher // 12oz 6pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Galaxy Single EyePA

6.4% ABV // 10 IBU // 3 SRM

An all Galaxy hopped hazy IPA that might be our favorite Single Eye to date! Experience dramatic waves of tropical fruit. Feel your tastebuds travel from pineapple to guava to ambrosia salad and back again. Get it before it’s gone, yo.

16oz IPA Glass // 16oz 4pk to-go

Pineapple Mango Millie Sour

4.4% ABV // 5 IBU // 5 SRM

The latest offering of our rotating fruit sour ale. Kettle soured with lactobacillus before undergoing fermentation with fruit using our house ale strain. Colorful, crisp, dry, tart, fruit.

16oz Willi Becher // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Range Life IPA

6.5% ABV // 45 IBU // 5 SRM

A modern West-Coast IPA featuring a tropical cocktail of the juiciest Yakima Valley hops. Barley and spelt malt round out the grist for this uniquely PNW brew– juicy with just enough snapping bitterness to lure you into the vastness of an exotic, but welcoming Range.

16oz Willi Becher // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Rotating Local Cider

Please ask beertender for current selection.

16oz Willi Becher

Rotating Local Wine

Please ask beertender for current selection.

5oz Glass