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Wander Litely American Lager

4.2% ABV // 10 IBU // 2 SRM

A carefully brewed American lager. With a stripped-down malt bill of pilsner malt and flaked barley, Wander Litely is light and dry with a slight graininess balanced by a whisper of floral and earthy hops.

Bronze – 2024 World Beer Cup

Gold – 2022 World Beer Cup

Gold – 2020 Great American Beer Festival

16oz Willi Becher // 12oz 6pk, Crowlers & Growlers to-go

Bham City Blonde Ale

4.8% ABV // 4 SRM

An all-day blonde ale that oozes subdued excitement. Light, dry and crushable with a light honey note and delicate fruity esters. Balanced by a whisp of spicy hops, this beer is as Bellingham as it gets.

16oz Willi Becher // 12oz 6pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Correspondent Export Stout

6.4% ABV // 40 IBU // 35 SRM

European specialty malts. American hops. House ale yeast. Crimson edged black. Smooth mouth feel. Roasted grain, sweet molasses, baker’s chocolate, subtle char.

Silver – 2022 World Beer Cup

Gold – 2019 Great American Beer Festival

Gold – 2017 Great American Beer Festival

16oz Willi Becher // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Yesterday’s Lemons Radler

4.0% ABV // 3 SRM

We blended an extra crispy light beer with the finest lemon juice to bring you a beer garden classic at an ultra-manageable 4.0% ABV. It tastes exactly like summertime and must be thirstily crushed in order to enjoy properly, so help us scratch the itch and grab a couple four packs.

16oz Willi Becher // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Shoe Toss IPA

6.8% ABV // 80 IBU // 9 SRM

Shoe Toss is a classic Pacific Northwest style India Pale Ale. It has the bite that made you fall in love with craft beer; but finishes with a crisp smack that demands you take a second sip. American malt. Pacific Northwest hops. House ale yeast. Glowing orange in color. Dry and crisp. Floral, citrus, grapefruit, spicy.

16oz IPA Glass // 12oz 6pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Right Here Right Now Hazy IPA

6.2% ABV // 15 IBU // 6 SRM

RHRN is a super aromatic, easy drinking hazy IPA finished on orange zest. Uncover the deepest depth of bright citrus and juicy pineapple in your expedition to the bottom of the glass. Wander around, enjoy the journey and live in the now!

16oz IPA Glass // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Seidla Helles

4.8% ABV // 28 IBU // 8 SRM

Parting is such sweet sorrow. As such we bid farewell to brewer Lou and his absolute angel of a dog Seidla. What better tribute for a dog named after a Franconian mug of beer than this malt forward golden lager, featuring barley straight from Bamberg itself. Their absence will leave a hole in our heart, but beer should help. Subtle, balanced hop profile. Refreshing as it is crisp. Inspired by the brewing traditions of Upper Franconia. ZUM WOHL!

16oz Oberglas // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Mosaic Single EyePA

6.4% ABV // 50 IBU // 5 SRM

Explore the subtle intricacies of the Mosaic hop in this single varietal hazy IPA. Dank and resinous on the nose, the kind of beer Snoop Dogg might enjoy with Willie Nelson. On the pallet, waves of tangerine and mango give way to a pleasantly lingering piney finish. Hoppy without being fatiguing, this beer offers an evolving experience that packs a payload of pleasant surprises with each sip.

16oz IPA Glass // 16oz 4pk, Growlers and Crowlers to-go

Grapefruit Hazy IPA

6.2% ABV // 15 SRM

A zippy, dry grapefruit IPA with loads of Mosaic, Azacca and Chinook hops to complement and further highlight the noble Grapefruit. Pairs well with constant, life-long exploration and discovery.

16oz IPA Glass // 16oz 4pks, Growlers and Crowlers to-go

Uncommon Common Amber Lager

5.5% ABV // 39 IBU // 10 SRM

Uncommon is a classic amber style lager first developed in San Francisco in the 1960’s and is considered one of America’s first original craft beer styles. This lager brewed at ale temperature makes for a rich marriage of the two almighty hemispheres of beer in one glass. Slightly bitter, slightly malty, entirely easy drinking. Serve this to your “non craft beer” drinking father in-law and make him look you in the eye and say he doesn’t want a pint.

16oz Willi Becher // 16oz 4pks, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Noisy Waters IPA

Collaboration with Noisy Waters Mural Festival

6.0% ABV // 50 IBU // 5 SRM

Ever had a tangerine gummy worm? We’re not sure that we have either, but we assume this is what is would taste like. Tangerine gummy worm chased by a pleasant subtle strawberry note. With moderate bitterness, this beer blends beautifully with itself. Juicy, lightly sweet, and with a touch of vanilla on the backend, Noisy Waters is more than a little interesting. Clocking in at 6%, it’s the perfect companion, or two, as you enjoy the 2nd Annual Noisy Waters Mural Festival.

16oz IPA Glass // 16oz 4pk, Growlers & Crowlers to-go

Champagne Toast Oak-Aged Berliner Weisse

3.8% ABV // 3 IBU // 2 SRM

Raise a glass to the changing seasons! We fermented this classically styled Berliner Weisse entirely in one of our American white oak foeders with a lactobacillus blend. After spending 4 months in wood, it was subsequently bottle and keg conditioned with Champagne yeast for another month. The end result is crisp, tart and perfectly effervescent with lemonade-like acidity. Available in 500 ml bottles to go.

12oz Goblet // 500mL Bottles to-go

Woodinville Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

10.1% ABV

A rich imperial stout aged 10 months in freshly emptied Woodinville Bourbon Whiskey barrels. A massive grist consisting of our favorite 2-row North American barley alongside copious amounts of English kilned roasted barley, chocolate malt, and double roasted crystal. Immediately you can smell the oak barrel wood before diving deeper into apricot, dried cranberry and heaps of baker’s chocolate to go with the unmistakable bourbon character. Color of the darkest black coffee. A truly decadent sipper. Will age well.

12oz Goblet // Growlers & Crowlers to-go

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16oz Willi Becher

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